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  • What Makes a Car a Supercar?
    The media is inundated with advertisements for automobiles. From radio, to magazines, newspapers and television, one can hardly go more than a few minutes without being subject to them. Some are geared to attract people whose main criterion for a car is a sense of style. These cars offer leather seats and a dashboard that looks more like it belongs on a space shuttle than a mere automobile. Other cars are promoted to appeal to one’s economical se Read More...
  • Used Engines for Nissans
    Many people have become fascinated with motor cars and engines in the last 100 years as they have become cheaper and more available. Currently a huge trend exists in JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) engines and cars. These cars are not available in other car markets and are primarily made for the Japanese. The benefit of buying these cars second hand from Japan is that they have not usually done many kilometres and are available for relatively chea Read More...
  • What Is A Supercar and Why Is So Exciting About One
    Are you a car enthusiast? Beyond that would you like to follow supercars and keep up to date on what is going on in the interesting world of them. Here are a few things that will explain in more detail what a supercar is and how to identify one. A supercar is a high end sports car. It is usually a hard to find car that is superior in performance to other cars. Many are exotic in appearance and are considered to be so today whereas they may not Read More...